Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Invasion of the Orchids

Since this blog is pretty new , I will be uploading loads of photos.
Here are some of my Orchids Collections.

I'm Back!!!!

At the heart of it!

White Orchid

Tiger Orchid?



Million Dollar Baby!!!

Million Dollar Baby!!!

Silly but cute!

Oh yeah, she is a million Dollar baby!
She is an angel!
My pride!
Our pride!

I thought maybe I should start a blog for my photographs.
I kinda forgotten about it since I started concentrating on making digital scrapbooking designs . To stir up my passion in photography
before It's totally forgotten.

And of course, for my first blog, my daughter. Who else would it be.
I hope you will find inspiration in my photographs.
I will do my best :-)

Isn't she adorable!