Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Million Dollar Baby!!!

Million Dollar Baby!!!

Silly but cute!

Oh yeah, she is a million Dollar baby!
She is an angel!
My pride!
Our pride!

I thought maybe I should start a blog for my photographs.
I kinda forgotten about it since I started concentrating on making digital scrapbooking designs . To stir up my passion in photography
before It's totally forgotten.

And of course, for my first blog, my daughter. Who else would it be.
I hope you will find inspiration in my photographs.
I will do my best :-)

Isn't she adorable!



Paradise 4 Scrappers said...

She is beautiful hun :). And the pictures itself are stunning. Awesome idea on starting this blog.

CaysCreation said...

Thanks alot Michelle! You are such a sweetie!

Serey said...

Alex is so cute... hope you put up more photos of her...

CaysCreation said...

Oh yeah! Count on it Ate!

Coolscrapbook.com said...

Oh my gosh, what a darlin princess. She cute as a button. Hugs, Addie