Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Invasion of the Orchids

Since this blog is pretty new , I will be uploading loads of photos.
Here are some of my Orchids Collections.

I'm Back!!!!

At the heart of it!

White Orchid

Tiger Orchid?




Serey said...

Love the photos, Cay. Wish I could be as creative as you are. I got an Olympus E-420 for my birthday recently and I still have not done any considerable work on it. Your photos will hopefully inspire me... Regards to the family and hugs & kisses to baby Alexandra...... Ate Serey

CaysCreation said...

Im sure you can do great stuff with your camera. Experiment and click click click !

My regards to your family :-)


Joyce said...

Gorgeous pictures. You really know how to get the camera to work for you.